Medical Schools in Texas

Top 10 Medical Schools in Texas

As home to several educational institutions dedicated to medicine, texas is one of the best states to pursue a medical school degree. if you’ve ever dreamt of being a medical student in this city of nearly 30 million individuals here are 10 medical schools located in Texas.

Medical Schools in Texas
Medical Schools in Texas

1. University of Texas Southwestern Medical School

It is located in Dallas Texas and was established in the year 1943 since the late 1960s the university has successfully grown. now having about six million square feet of new campuses including classrooms auditoriums laboratories offices and so on.

For aspiring students, the average GPA is 3.84. ninety percent of the ut school class are from texas. while only ten percent of the class are from other states. yearly this medical school trains nearly four thousand students and two-point seven million outpatients are admitted every year.

The university of texas exposes its students to a remarkable learning experience that guarantees success. the tuition fee is 22,651 dollars for texas residents and thirty-five thousand seven hundred and fifty-one dollars for non-residents.

2. Baylor university college of medicine

Located in Houston texas this private university is ranked number 22 in best medical school research and the 17th best medical school in primary care. securing a spot in this college is a little difficult considering it is currently ranked among the top medical schools in the country.

An average GPA of 3.9 and a medical college admission test score of 518 are required the tuition fee is 23,225 u.s dollars for non-residents and 19 425 for residents.

other than academics Baylor university college of medicine offers facilities for both indoor and outdoor recreation such as a gymnasium vortex pool an indoor track etc they also have state-of-the-art research facilities clubs organizations and a bear trail that is 2.28 miles circling the beautiful campus.

3. Texas a m health science center

Texas a m was established in 1977. it was birthed from the merger between the texas a m university system and texas a m university. the school is equipped with amazing facilities like ingenious facial restoration technology and an innovative diagnostic for tuberculosis.

as an aspiring student, there are requirements you will have to meet a GPA of 384 and a ncat score of 512. the local tuition is 12 700 u.s dollars while the domestic tuition is 25 hundred and eighty us dollars.

4. McGovern medical school

This university was established in 1969 under its former name university of texas medical school Houston texas. it is the eighth-most brilliant medical school in the country and it is located in the heart of texas medical center in Houston.

Students more than anything are taught to be more human. they enjoy access to technology and a rich elaborate environment. however, to make it into this school certain requirements should be met such as an average GPA of 3.9 and a ncat score of 514. as McGovern is one of the most selective medical institutions in Texas.

5. Long school of medicine at university of texas

This medical school is one of the 12 medical colleges in texas. it is located on the main campus of the university of texas in san Antonio. the institution is well known for its research of old related diseases such as cancer diabetes and so on. this school guarantees support as well as mentorship for its students.

In addition to academics, students are allowed to engage in recreational and outdoor activities. there are also interest groups that allow students to explore each medical specialty for the 2022-2023 session the average MCAT score for this institution is 514 with an acceptance rate of 8.4 percent. for in-state students, the tuition fee is 18,621 dollars and for state students, the tuition fee is 33 739 dollars.

6. University of north texas health science center

It was the first osteopathic medical school established in Texas, and as of 2015, the only one. This public medical school offers degrees in osteopathic and allopathic medicine, physical therapy, public health pharmacy, physician assistant studies, and biomedical sciences.

To secure a spot at the texas college of osteopathic medicine you must meet the minimum academic and entrance exam with a GPA of 3.47 and an acceptance rate of 73.6 as of 2021. tuition costs 13,070 dollars for full-time in-state students and 28,766 dollars for out-of-state students.

7. Texas tech university health science center school of medicine

This university is a public medical school that is based in Lubbock with additional campuses in other states like Abilene, Amarillo, Dallas, el paco, and the Permian Basin. to become a student there is an application fee of 185 dollars.

The tuition fee for full-time residents is sixteen thousand three hundred and twenty dollars and for non-residents twenty-nine thousand eight hundred and twenty dollars the average GPA is three point five.

8. University texas medical branch school of medicine

Founded in 1891 utmb is a public academic health science center situated in Galveston Texas. it is one of the oldest medical schools in texas with about 11 000 employees with outstanding research buildings medical library and financial aid.

Tuition for texas residents is eight thousand six hundred and sixty-five dollars and twenty-three thousand one hundred and forty-three dollars for non-residents. the average GPA of the enrolled is 3.89 and an MCAT score is 507.

9. Texas tech university health science paul L foster school of medicine

The Paul L Foster School of Medicine is a school that aims to provide medical education in accordance with modern scientific principles. It was established on November 29, 2007, and is ranked as the 9th largest medical school in Texas. this is the first med school to have opened in almost 40 years.

The university has facilities like student service areas, cafeterias, food prep areas, classrooms, library, evaluation areas, small group rooms, a clinical skills area, a simulation room, and a gross anatomy lab. to become a student in this school you should have an average GPA of 3.6 and an average ncat of 505.

The tuition fee for in-state students is eighteen thousand eight hundred and thirty-eight dollars and for out-of-state students thirty-one thousand nine hundred and thirty-eight dollars.

10. The University of Texas Austin dell medical school

This is another medical school located in Houston, Texas named after the Susan Dell and Medical Foundation. The acceptance fee is 2.3% and the application fee is $150. To guarantee a place in the school, you must have a GPA of at least 3.74 and an average NCAT score of 513.

The tuition fee for residents is twenty thousand six hundred and seventy-three dollars and for students who are not residents, it is thirty-four thousand seven hundred and eleven dollars.

what do you think about these ten medical schools in texas? which one of them do you find most promising.

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