College Brawl MOD Apk v1.4.2 (Girl, No Sensor, All Unlocked) Latest Version

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If you are looking for a College Brawl Mod Apk then you are in the right place. Here we have the College Brawl Mod Game which is 100% working and original. You can download the College Brawl Mod Games premium from here.

What Are The College Brawl Games?

Before learning more about this gaming mode, you should watch the game of College 18+. This game is a good game of entertainment and game in the game from Supersel Publishers. You will play Kane’s character. He is a college student at Broll, where many of his close friends were attacked by the famous gang.

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Main features of APK:

  • Interesting gameplay
    As introduced, according to the plot, you will play the character Ken. Your main task is to confront the gangsters to help your friends. The battle map in the College Brawl mod takes place around the school. So you will move everywhere, from the classroom to the library, campus,… Initially, you will be equipped with basic combat abilities. Along with that is the rather limited health bar. Do the task well, go through many levels, everything will gradually improve. Winning will help you upgrade your character, increase your combat stats and buy better weapons.
  • Health and resource bar
    When facing enemies, you need to pay attention to your health through the displayed HP bar. Hit an enemy’s attack, and the amount of health will be significantly reduced. If the health continues to decrease and is completely depleted then you lose your life. To stay healthy, use the necessary items. However, to maintain effective blood, you must calculate carefully before buying items. The types of resources in the game are limited, and not allowed to be used as you like. Therefore, this is not only a simple battle, but it also challenges the thinking capacity of each gamer. Calculate and devise a reasonable strategy to have a chance to win when confronting the leader of the Red Kat gang.
  • Character Route in College Brawl
    Characters in the College Brawl mod unlocked are also extremely diverse. In addition to the main character Ken, you can also meet many other impressive faces. The story follows the plot with the main character’s route will be divided into 5 stages and 5 levels with the leader. Each level will take place at a location in the school. The difficulty increases with each level, going through each level, you will find the real challenge in this action game. Next to Ken is the senior Anko. This is also an impressive character with a fighting ability that is second to none.”Fighting women” Anko will be the one to take on the task in Ken’s absence. However, some of my fellow students sided with Red Kat. Anko alone couldn’t handle them all. So you will have to come to the rescue, support Anko, and defeat all the villains.
  • Collect items
    With each challenge that the game poses, when completed, you will obtain a variety of useful items such as apples, chickens, and even sushi. This is a food that has the effect of increasing physical strength and increasing HP. Each type will give you a certain amount of health and strength. For example, eating an apple will give you 2 more HP and more KI.


-Bug Fixes

Features Of College Brawl Mod APK :

  • All Unlocked
  • Girl, No Sensor, All Unlocked
  • New Version
  • No Ads
  • Latest Version

Download College Brawl Mod APK

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